The Sběratel/Collector Fair in Prague will be the first collectors’ event in Europe after six months

08. September 2020

The Sběratel/Collector Fair to be held on 11 and 12 September at the PVA Expo Prague Exhibition Centre will be organised with masks, but otherwise without any limitations. And mainly, it will welcome exhibitors from all over Europe and will bring a number of attractive collectors’ news.

This year’s extraordinary edition of the largest Central European meeting of collectors of coins, banknotes, medals, stamps, picture postcards and other collection materials will be the first collectors’ event in Europe after more than half a year. And with regard to the fact that most large meetings of collectors have been cancelled even till the end of the year, it will be also one of very few opportunities where collectors can personally meet their colleagues.


The Sběratel/Collector Fair will be accompanied by the Minerals and Gemstones and Vinyl & Stereo Expo Fairs

The Sběratel/Collector Fair will be accompanied by two accompanying events this year as well – the Minerals and Gemstones Fair, which is held in the same hall and in the same term (11 – 12 September) as the Sběratel/Collector Fair, and trade fairs for gramophone records, CD’s, MC’s and musical memory articles known as Vinyl & Stereo Expo and Rock & Metal Market. They will take place on Saturday (12 September) in the adjacent hall, and more exhibitors than last year have been registered for both these events this year, which means that there will surely be a lot of opportunities for choosing interesting items.


You may have a treasure in your house

The Fair will offer again popular services of free-of-charge valuation of collections which are provided at the trade fair event by the Union of Czech Philatelists, the Czech Numismatic Society, the Assay Office of the Czech Republic, Securities Museum, Curiosity Collectors’ Club, Telephone Card Collectors’ Club or by Mr. Karel Mařík, expert in the field of mineralogy. These services will be enriched by the offer of the Czech Autographs Collectors’ Club this year too.

The Sběratel/Collector Fair is the largest fair focused on collection activities in Central and Eastern Europe, which is regularly attended by more than 200 exhibitors from several dozens of countries from the world. It is held twice a year, the spring Sběratel/Collector Fair will take place on 26 – 27 March 2021.