The GRAND PRIX and TOP EXPO awards granted

25. September 2017

Within the FOR ARCH trade fair, the traditional GRAND PRIX and TOP EXPO awards were granted. While GRAND PRIX is a prize granted by an expert jury to the best exhibits presented at the show, which are outstanding within their competition and which introduce a new innovative concept, the TOP EXPO award is given to the best stands at FOR ARCH.


The Expert Jury members have chosen the best exhibits and technologies this year as well. The Jury granted the GRAND PRIX awards to five of forty-six exhibits registered in the competition. Another six exhibits were awarded honourable mentions.


GRAND PRIX awards were granted to the following firms (in an alphabetic order):  

BERNDORF BÄDERBAU s.r.o. for its system of the swimming pool starting block BERNDORF PROFI 01 useable for both professional sportspersons and the general public;

HYPOXIE Group s.r.o. for its fire-protection technology FirePASS, serving as a system of active fire prevention of protected areas and built upon permanent reduction of the content of oxygen to concentrations preventing fire from arising;

OIG Power s.r.o. for CES BATTERY BOX 3F HOME - an intelligent hybrid three-phase system which stores electrical energy and manages its consumption with the use of a battery storage system;

Schiedel, s.r.o. for the chimney element Schiedel KINGFIRE, which contains a chimney stack with an integrated variable fireplace insert independent of the air inlet from the room; and

Wienerberger cihlářský průmysl, a.s. for the concept of a brick house of the future “e4”, i.e. for the concept of construction of brick buildings meeting the requirements for energy performance, economy, ecology and user-friendly indoor environment.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS were obtained by the firms:

ALUKOV a.s. for the smoking box known as SMOKE ISLANDS; HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s. for sound insulating walling block HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21, ground; Master Therm tepelná čerpadla s.r.o. for the multifunction heat pump AquaMaster Inverter-90l, 1AQ90l-1; SULKO, s.r.o. for the design window SULKO PURE WIN; VLASTIMIL SLÁDEK – SAUNY SALUS for the equipment which reliably prevents fire from arising in the SALUS FIREFIGHTER saunas; and ZAPA beton a.s. for the drainage concrete ZAPA DROP with permeability of 90 – 95 % of rain water into lower layers.





In the TOP EXPO competition, the Jury granted awards to the 6 most impressive expositions which are at the same time also highly functional and fulfil the criteria for communication with customers. All expositions of the trade fairs in the categories up to 60 mand above 60 m2 were assessed. Concerning the category up to 60m2, the expositions of the following exhibitors were awarded: ITADECO s.r.o. (1E19), JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. (4B13), Olife Source, a.s. (4B08).  The awards in the category above 60m2 were granted to the following exhibitors: Best, a.s. (1D12 + 1D16), HANÁK NÁBYTEK, a.s. (2B07), Siemens, s.r.o. (4B10).