The gates of an even bigger TENT EXHIBITION are opening!

30. May 2024

What's new?

The product range has expanded once again. In addition to 185 tents for families or solo travelers, 350 models of mummy, blanket, down and children's sleeping bags and a similar number of self-inflating, foam or inflatable sleeping pads, there are also 500 models of backpacks – be it urban, for hiking or for cycling – and more than 300 models of chairs, tables, organisers and other camping furniture.

The exhibition also features 300 models of hiking and leisure footwear from 24 international brands and a newly added selection of clothing.

We couldn't fit all of the equipment into the hall, but don't worry. You can order it on-line, have it delivered to the expo and try it on before you buy.




Discounts, sales and more!

As is customary, you can expect amazing discounts, special events, gifts and, last but not least, the popular competition for great prizes.

"Do you have a tent and don't need a new one? Don't worry, the Tent Expo is about far more than just tents. The product line-up is wider this year. In addition to tents, you can once again look forward to a test area for sleeping pads and sleeping bags, a comprehensive range of hiking and urban backpacks, as well as the much sought-after camping furniture." said Vít Hruška.




Main benefits

The main advantage of this year's exhibition remains the opportunity to see, test, touch and compare all the products on display. This applies both to the goods exhibited at the Tent Expo as well as those that you order from our e-shop and have delivered to the Tent Exhibition.

Carefully trained professional staff will help you choose the right equipment and will be ready to advise you and answer any questions throughout the event.

"For this year's show, we have again managed to expand the exhibition with new products and categories. We hope that visitors will appreciate our efforts and that their support will provide us with the necessary resources and energy to continue to improve and expand in the future
." Vít Hruška concludes.