High-quality Czech Cosmetics Schminka on Shopex.cz

17. January 2024

We are happy to present to you the Czech cosmetic brand Schminka, a partner of the FOR BEAUTY trade fair, which you can now find for purchase at Shopex.cz. This Czech cosmetics led by an experienced MUDr. Jana Cibulková offers the opportunity to create cosmetics directly tailored to your skin.


The doctor has years of experience in the Italian cosmetics industry. She decided to put her knowledge to good use, so she transferred her experience and passion into her own brand. In doing so, she created a product portfolio that is not only beautiful to look at, but most importantly effective in its effect. Schminka focuses on producing products that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of its customers, which is unique in the cosmetics industry. Our partnership with the Schminka brand brings customers exclusive access to a wide range of products through our Shopex.cz e-shop. From the innovative Wet&Dry decorative cosmetics, which offer higher intensity and durability thanks to the possibility of application with a moistened applicator, to specially formulated products for individual skin care, Schminka offers a variety of products for every skin type.

Shop now at Shopex.cz, order products from a quality Czech brand and support local products and innovations in the field of cosmetics. Be part of a story that combines quality and a modern concept of beauty.