For the first time and together, in one place!

04. June 2024



For the first time and together. In one place, two days, only once every two years you have the opportunity to visit two trade fairs held at the same time with a wide range of products and services for laboratory and process analysis. By joining already introduced in order XI. year of the LABOREXPO trade fair and the completely new PROCESEXPO trade fair, the area of laboratory and process analysis is completely covered "under one roof".


LABOREXPO is an established fair for analytical, measuring and laboratory technology, which is the largest domestic event focused on the field of analytical, instrumentation and measuring technology and laboratory equipment. It will offer everything from consumables to furniture. In one place, you will find a complete overview of the range of products from the most important domestic and foreign suppliers. A number of novelties introduced to the market, innovations and trends in laboratory technology or automation of laboratory procedures will be presented here. Based on your own personal experience and contact with representatives of manufacturers and suppliers, you will be able to get all the necessary information about the products you are looking for. Many of the exhibits will be "in working order" with the option to test your own samples!


PROCESEXPO is a completely new trade fair focused on the field of analytical technology for online process analysis and monitoring. It will offer a wide range of products from the most important domestic and foreign manufacturers of industrial analyzers and sensors for the process analysis of gases, liquids and bulk substances. You can visit the fair together with your colleagues from the operational laboratories and together find the best solution for controlling your production and its optimal settings.


Visiting the fair and all accompanying programs is free. The editors of CHEMAGAZÍN magazine organize both fairs.