Explore news and specials from the world of cars at the Escape6 Prague Car Festival

27. August 2019

This year’s event brings many news and interesting exhibits. One of them is Mercedes AMG GT R PRO, exhibited for the very first time in the Czech Republic. It is a top-of-the-range AMG GT with a number of specific solutions, especially in aerodynamics, chassis and use of carbon parts. All this in a limited edition, as only 750 cars will be produced worldwide. Another real special is a vehicle labelled as Bureko 6x6. This is a Czech-produced off-road pick-up, based on Chevrolet Silverado. Last but not least, there will also be the premiere of Škoda RSJ 300, with its unveiling ceremony at 12 noon on Saturday. The body of Škoda 110 R was used as the basis of the car, but even there were significant changes, for example, the height of the car is only 120 cm and the 200 hp engine is located in front of the rear axle. The aerodynamic shapes of the car give a powerful impression, but the appearance is deceiving: thanks to laminate and carbon parts, the weight of the car is below 700 kg.

More information on www.praguecarfestival.cz.