Special Practical Course for Young Drivers
30. 9. — 1. 10. 2023 Event date Saturday:
08:30—12:50, 13:45—18:00
08:30—12:50, 13:45—18:00
Opening hours PVA EXPO PRAHA, Beranových 667, Praha 9 - Letňany Exposition area

Event detail



The fourth year of the Ford Driving Skills for Life program, a special free practical course for young drivers, will traditionally take place in the Czech Republic, this time in Prague. The course is open to all Czech driving license holders between the ages of 18 and 24 who register HERE.


The trainings take place at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE and are free for participants (participation in the course is free, participants must pay for their own transport and accommodation). On-site parking is provided.


What's in store for you?

1. Vehicle control lesson (mastering the oversteer skid)
The test car will be equipped with special plastic sleeves on the rear wheels that simulate a loss of grip. Thanks to this, participants will be able to find out what it's like to "lose their butt" and how to properly handle this situation.




2. Reaction time and hazard recognition
In this case, it is an activity in which the participants learn how long the braking distance is and what their reaction time is. There will be three traffic lights on the test track and the task of the participants will be to make an emergency stop as quickly as possible as soon as they turn green. This allows drivers to understand what path the car will take before it stops.


3. The effect of insufficient attention paid to driving and the consumption of addictive substances
The Ford Driving Skills for Life event will give young people a unique opportunity to experience first-hand what it's like to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They get behind the wheel wearing special glasses and a unique suit, both of which simulate the effects of addictive substances on the driver. Participants will also be able to test what risks they are exposed to when they control a mobile phone in addition to their car.




4. Technical window
The individual exercises will be complemented by technical training, which will introduce young drivers to the latest assistance systems that can take care of their safety. They will learn how they work and how to properly control them.


And that's not all!! We have also prepared state-of-the-art training programs using virtual reality for the participants, which will teach them to be considerate on the roads. They will be able to test how their actions are perceived by other, more vulnerable road users




This year, DSFL also includes the educational module "Share the Road", which aims to promote safer ways of interaction between drivers and cyclists on European roads.




In the new module, participants learn the technique of getting out of the car so as not to inadvertently open the door in the path of an approaching cyclist. They will also learn how not to miss a cyclist in the blind spot and how to overtake cyclists safely with sufficient lateral distance. The virtual reality program "WheelSwap" will then allow motorists and cyclists to experience the view from the other side of how unpleasant and potentially dangerous the reckless behavior of another group of road users can be. A full 78 percent of DSFL participants who tried the program in 2018 said they would change their behavior behind the wheel or handlebars.